These photos were taken in July 2013, during a family trip to Maragogi, in the northeastern part of Brazil.

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Color Bar is a series of photographs focused on one color at a time. Some are purely abstract, others are clearly figurative; most fall somewhere in between.

Photographs taken at GERI Farms, in Pitt Meadows, BC, exploring the natural beauty of the landscape and its mechanical interventions.

This trip to Vancouver and various parts of south-eastern Alaska, including Skagway, Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier Bay, was another great opportunity to photograph nature and wildlife.

Rio de Janeiro is my city. I am compelled to document its beauty, big and small.

Nature is one of my many passions. A trip to Zion National Park in Utah was the perfect opportunity for some nature photography.

This series set out to create a set of fully abstracted photographs. To achieve this, I documented the interactions between combinations of different fluids.

Hundreds of millennia ago, Man rebelled against his mother, Her Natural Majesty. Tired of her autocratic rule, he slowly established his own realm, and launched an all-out attack on Our Mother.

Spending a lot of time in Woodhaven Nature Conservancy, I picked up on various precious details of the park. I took photographs, printed them small, and presented them though a jewellery box.

This is a set of stand-alone photographs, not part of any series. Most works are digital, but few are manipulated beyond standard post-processing.