In my first participation in the Art-House Coop’s international Sketchbook Project, I created a series of 25 watercolor paintings in 5×7″ depicting original and mythical creature concepts. I completed the 25 paintings between December 19 2012 and January 14 2013, almost one per day (on average).

The way the Sketchbook Project works is that they send you a sketchbook with 32 pages to fill out and send back to them; the sketchbook then goes on tour and is archived both physically and digitally. Because their paper was too thin for watercolors, I took the book apart and put it back together using watercolor paper and archival tape. Hinging the pages with tape removes the gutter at the spine, allowing the book to lay open flat.

While I used some established creature concepts of mine (orker, bare-faced tiger), and reinvented others from earlier projects (armored shark, voturuze), most were completely original concepts that I created exclusively for this project. I would like to thank Victoria Wan for all her ideas and comments on the designs.

The image gallery above contain only basic information on each creature. For more detailed descriptions, make sure to read through my Sketchbook Project blog.

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