Tony Bain is an upcoming chapter book about a ten-year-old boy who suffers in school because of his overactive imagination. He spends all his time making up monsters.

This gallery displays anatomical diagrams for various imaginary creatures.

As my contribution the Sketchbook Project, I created a series of 5x7\" watercolour paintings of various imaginary creatures; some I had already drawn before and some completely original.

The Elaborate History book includes all eleven illustrations, as well as an introductory note and the full text of the story, both hand-written by me. The book itself was also hand-bound.

The Sudanese Letters book was hand-bound and includes printed versions of all eleven illustrations I completed, all 35 pages of the original letters, as well as an introductory note I wrote.

Pen and ink are my primary media, but I also work in charcoal, Conté crayons, and a variety of other media.