A collection of portfolio items including web design, publication design, and writing.

My primary interest is in fantastical, mythological, and other imaginary creatures, but I am often tempted by pop culture or other sources of inspiration. My medium is varied and often hybrid.

While much of my writing could very easily be classified as simple genre fiction, such as fantasy or science fiction, it often deals with an inherent aspect of the human condition.

Photography is for me more of a hobby than an artistic practice, but I still address it with the same care that I dedicate to my drawings and writings. Nature photography is my main focus.

Design can be a job, a puzzle or a pastime. Be it print, web, or anything else, design is usually entertainment for me.

I was an active participant in the Woodhaven Eco Art Project, having contributed art to three of the project\'s events, and more. The project was an initiative of Nancy Holmes and Lori Mairs.