The following artist statement appeared in the catalogue for Twenty Twelve: UBCO BFA Graduation Exhibition.

Pantere Roaring

Elaborate History #6: Pantere Roaring

Shed Simas studies believability in a story, even in the least realistic of genres. He wants to be convinced the story could be real, somewhere, somehow, and wants to do the same for his audience. In his work, Simas tells fantastical stories involving imaginary creatures. Using the way the story is presented and the re-imagined rendering of its characters, he gives his work an element of possibility and imaginative truth.

His work is also an amalgam of varied interests: mythical and imaginary creatures, and the cultures that originated them; science, particularly biology and evolution; short fiction; and illustration. Simas feels the book is the perfect venue to blend it together. What fascinates him is that even the most impossible of legendary creatures were once thought real by a culture, and he tries to approximate that in his work.

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