shed magazine print cover

Well, now this feels like ancient history. It’s been nearly seven weeks since we finished our third major project at MPub—the magazine project—and I hadn’t posted a peep about it. Sorry.

I’ll be quick. The assignment was to create a magazine that would be financially stable within three years, publishing with at least one print and one digital component. Unlike the book project from last term, each of us in our group of seven took on a specific, fairly well-defined role: Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Art Director, Digital Director, Sales and Advertising Director, Circulation Director, and Marketing Director. To no one’s surprise, I was Art Director.

It took some time, but we came up with Shed magazine, a magazine about living minimalist. And yes, the magazine was sort of named after me, but it wasn’t my idea!

To make sure we could survive the three years required by the assignment, we decided to begin as a website. With plenty on in-house expertise and few production costs, the web was a good way to get us started and build our audience. (Don’t forget: Shed isn’t being released, so I can’t link you to anything! Some of what I talk about never did—and probably won’t—happen.) After a year of publishing only online, we make our big move into a digital magazine powered by Padify, to come out monthly, and a print twice-annual edition with high production values. To smoothen that transition, we ran a great Kickstarter campaign, which was successful largely because of our existing web audience.

The nameplate design, cover and interior spreads were all designed by me. I’m not a huge fan of the cover, but I do like the nameplate and—especially—the page layout. Unfortunately I can’t post it here—lots of “borrowed” images; even the cover image is a little risky—but I’ll be happy to send you a copy of our print magazine mockup or our proposal booklet. Just let me know!

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